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We always talk to you about what you want from your case studies, and tailor our services accordingly.

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Sell more stuff with powerful case studies

We help you earn trust and sell your stuff in less time

You can write your own case studies,  but don’t you have better things to do? Plus, are you sure you’re good at interviewing customers and writing stories prospects will want to read? The team at Case Studies by Emma has years of experience creating case studies for SaaS. Free up your time. Outsource case study creation to Emma.

Who is this Emma person?

I'm Emma Siemasko, and I've been working with SaaS companies for 5+ years. I've worked as a content marketing specialist at an agency, in-house at a SaaS company as a content marketer, and am now a consultant helping growing tech companies like yours. 

I absolutely adore case studies. I love digging in and getting to know customers, how they tick, and presenting my clients with case studies that win them more business. 

I work with a small team of experienced copywriters and designers. We have years of experience in tech and are dedicated to making the best case studies on the web.

Emma Siemasko
Content Marketing Strategist, 
Stories by Emma

How it works

Phase 1: Discovery

You tell us what you want from your case studies and where you are right now. We’ll learn everything we can about your product and customers. From there, we’ll figure out a strategy tailored for you.


We interview your customers, record the calls, and get written transcriptions we can work from. You’ll receive the call recordings as well as the transcriptions for future reference.

Phase 2: Interviews


We create a well-formatted, easy to read case study based on what you want and what we learn from your customers.

Phase 3: Creation



Phase 4: Approval

You tell us what you like and don't like so we can make sure the case study is perfect for you. We’ll also check with your customer to make sure they’re flattered by what we’ve said.

Case study add-ons


Case Studies by Emma works with top designers who can deliver a branded PDF complete with your company’s logo, fonts, and brand colors. This PDF will also feature images of your customer. 

Need ideas on how to promote your case study? The team at Case Studies by Emma can analyze your sales funnel and marketing channels to help you figure out exactly how to promote your case studies for maximum ROI. 

Promotion and strategy plan

Case studies are an extremely important component of email sales funnels. If you want emails that promote the value of your product, the team at Case Studies by Emma can take care of copy.

Email copy

Blog posts

We learn a lot when we interview your customers, and often their insights can be used in an educational blog post. We can add on a blog post to your case study that gives educational tips to your customers and prospects.

Outreach emails

It can be scary to ask your customers for case studies. Not with customized outreach emails. We can provide you with emails perfect for reaching out to customers-- we can send them, or you can.

We can help you understand your customers better than anyone. Each month, we provide a signature report about your audience (based on our case study interviews, market research, and SEO keywords) that you can't get anywhere else.

Customer insights

Release contracts

Need a ready to use contract to ensure you have permission to write about and feature your customer? Contracts avoid sticky situations down the line. Case Studies by Emma can provide one

Case studies by Emma to the rescue

Not enough time to get case studies done? We got you.

Want to show your product in action? YEP.

Afraid of getting customer buy-in? We know how to convince them.

New startup and aren't sure you have a true use case? Help is on the way. 

Concerned about confidentiality? The secrets are safe with us.

Need a way to show customers trust you? Our case studies do that. 

Afraid of outsourcing to a "random"? We're not random– we're experts.

Emma works hand in hand with her clients to develop and execute customer stories that will provide value to the end user and to the client. She is dependable, approachable, and very detail-oriented.

Kim Courvoisier
Head of Content Marketing
Campaign Monitor

 Emma was amazing to work with in every aspect. Highlights from her time at Grasshopper include developing the content in our Resource Center which got 150k visits in 18 months, as well as nearly tripling blog traffic.

Matt Koulas
Search Marketing Manager

Why case studies?

‘Cuz everyone loves a good story. A case study is the story of how your customer came to find you, used your SaaS product, and revolutionized how they run their business. 

These stories aren’t just cute– they help you sell stuff. In today’s world, 90% of us are looking at online product reviews, posts on social networks, and so on before making a purchasing decision. 

Anticipate this and serve up case studies when your prospects need it most. Share them on your website, gift them to your sales team, add them to your email funnels, and watch the conversions roll in. 

Sell more stuff with powerful case studies

We help you earn trust and sell your stuff in less time


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